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Manual Oral Suction System

Safe and Effective Resuscitation...when nothing else matters

Suctioning a patient is not a glamorous task, but in the presence of a blocked airway... Nothing Else Matters.

Undoubtedly, the ability to effectively clear the pharynx is one of the most critical of basic rescue skills. ∫ is a simple, inexpensive solution to facilitate training and use for this aspect of airway management. It also provides you with the quickest, safest and most effective form of immediate oral suction. Suction-Easy™ is a must have in your first responder airway kit.

Suction-Easy™ has a unique double-valved design that allows continuous operation with one hand, while the other hand directs the suction tip throughout your patient's oropharynx. A consistent vacuum force is applied with each squeeze of the bulb and the material drawn into the bulb is expelled into an attached collection bag. You maintain excellent visibility throughout the procedure.

There's peace of mind knowing you have the backup you need with you on every call.

Top 10 Benefits:

1. Instant Availability: There's no need to worry about batteries or electricity. Suction-Easy™ is available for immediate use. Just extend the suction tube and begin suctioning.


2. Powerful: Enough suction and caliper to rapidly and completely clear the upper airway.


3. Reliable: With Suction-Easy™, there's no down time and no clean up.


4. Fits All Hand Sizes: Ease of grip and compression regardless of hand size or grip strength.


5. Adequate Fluid Capacity: Total fluid capacity is in excess of 1,000 cc. Enough to contain the entire excretion from the upper airway.


6. Safe: Contoured suction tip and controllable vacuum prevents tissue damage.


7. Easy, Safe Disposal: Just place in original package with exposed biohazard label. (The Suction-Easy™ system meets infection control requirements of containment, isolation and labeling.)


8. Small Design: 1/3 the size means minimal storage and carrying space requirements.


9. Lightweight: 1/3 the weight means minimal load added to bags and kits.


10. Less Cost: 1/3 the cost of other oral suction devices currently available to personnel.


Manual Oral Suction System 

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