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How Suction-Easy Works

Fail Proof

Suction-Easy Biohazard Compliant Disposal

With Suction-Easy™ , an unique bulb design provides generation of consistent vacuum force*, storage and protection of the large bore suction tube (9.5mm I.D.), a device easy to grasp and compress (regardless of hand size or grip strength), and most importantly, a device so compact, effective and affordable that no critical airway management event should fail due to fluids in the oropharynx.


A double valved system promotes continuous operation with one hand, while the other hand directs the suction tip inside the patient's mouth. Material drawn into the bulb is expelled into a sealed collection bag. Total fluid capacity of the Suction-Easy™ system (bulb & bag), is in excess of 1,000cc. A 2-part label, on the resealable bag containing each new Suction-Easy™ , completes the system.


The used Suction-Easy™ is placed back in its original package and secured with the pressure seal. The user peels off the top layer of the package label to reveal the international bio-hazard symbol. Infection control requirements of containment, isolation, and labeling are met in one simple step.

Patented Valve System

Suction-Easy patented valve system

The Suction-Easy™ device is not a turkey baster; rapid shallow compressions of the pump provide quick large volume removal of oral contents even for the rescuers with small hands. There are two (2) flap valves in the system. The first is at the end of the large bore suction tube inside the bulb. The second is attached to the outlet port and is visible inside the collection bag.


The Suction-Easy™ bulb is designed to provide a vacuum force of approximately 100mm Hg., generated by the "rebound" of the bulb after each squeeze. The force of the operator's grip does not affect suction pressure. (Gentler pressures can be achieved by shallow compressions of the vacuum bulb). Expulsion of contents from the bulb to the collection bag however, will directly reflect the force of each squeeze.


The total capacity of Suction-Easy™ (vacuum bulb and collection bag) is well over 1,000cc's. This volume can be moved quickly with rapid shallow compressions of the pump.


Convenient Storage

A large portion of the suction tube is stored inside the vacuum bulb. The tube must be pulled out to its full length for proper operation of Suction-Easy™. A positive stop/lock is felt when the tube is fully extended. The purpose of this feature is twofold. First, there is a very real risk of the suction tubing taking on a "cold set" if stored in one position for an extended period.


We are well aware that if Suction-Easy™ becomes a standard component of first-in bags or kits, it will be jammed in along with many other essential items. Should the tubing become kinked, serious compromise to air and material flow may result, even to the extent of complete obstruction. Secondly, suction is of vital importance but used infrequently; for that reason the device must be as compact as possible so as not to take precious space from more routinely used items.


Suction-Easy™'s size offers the possibility of carrying it on one's person, in turnout gear pockets, jumpsuits, and the like.