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Suction-Easy Training Tips

For training, Suction-Easy™ may be used (and reused) with water, and still remain a valid device in the field.


The overflow, or collection, pouch is made of a very durable urethane plastic that should perform well under most emergency situations.

The vent is covered by a semi-permeable membrane which allows air, but not fluid to pass through. The integrity of this membrane will be maintained as long as fluids are not forced through under pressure; e.g., stepping on the bag, or continuing to squeeze the bulb once the reservoir bag is full.


Once fluids have been forced through, leakage will continue until the membrane dries out. This property can be useful for training personnel in the use of theSuction-Easy.


Students can evacuate clean water from a container or mannequin to get the feel of the device. Water can then be forced out through the vent to empty both the vacuum bulb and overflow pouch.


Directing air into the suction tube will help dry the entire system. Once the air vent membrane dries completely it regains its semi-permeable qualities.