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SpiritMD designs and distributes unique medical products for the emergency and pulmonary medical field. SpiritMD is a Spirit Creations company.

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From the President - Gene Scarberry

For most mainline companies, Innovative solutions for unique medical problems are hard to find. SpiritMD designs and distributes therapeutic devices and training aids used in life support. Our products include manual emergency suction equipment, MDI training kits, emergency childbirth devices, and biohazard needle protection.


SpiritMD consultants include inventors, broadly skilled engineers, physicians, and paramedical educators and field personnel who are thought leaders in their fields.


Thom Dick has called me a "Resuscitation Nut;" the late Rick Vomacka dubbed me "Dr. Weird." With over 35 years of experience in the field of medical devices, I know that the products I have available through SpiritMD are essential to an EMT's training and field experience.


Not only will these products make an important addition to your EMT training, they are also conveniently available through our website or dealers listed there.

About the President

Eugene Scarberry has been involved with EMS since 1969, predominately in the cardiopulmonary area. He assisted with marketing and sales of the Thumper cardiopulmonary resuscitator. Because of training programs he helped develop, and input from field rescuers, Gene helped in the creation of the PtL® Airway in 1981. He was later involved in developing the Seal Easy and Bag Easy products in the late 80's and early 90's.

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