Spirit Creations, Inc.

Spirit Creations was formed in the year 1999 out of desire to supply those in the medical fields as well as organizations that train in the respiratory field. Our mission is to equip those with these training devices to aid in the proper use of medical dose inhalers to enhance their effectiveness.

About the President

Eugene Scarberry has been involved with critical care medicine  since 1969, predominately in the cardiopulmonary area.  His fields of work include EMS, home care and intensive care. The Products he has helped developed or invented  included Thumper cardiopulmonary resuscitator, PtL emergency airway, SuctionEasy emergency manual suction, as well as CPAP and BiPAP devices / interfaces.


Gene has spent his career as an inventor, innovator, salesman, and marketer who has sought solutions through technology to assist patients with respiratory, cardio-pulmonary and sleep disorders.



Mr. Scarberry is the named inventor on 38+ granted United States & foreign patents for technologies designed to relieve disorders of the cardio-pulmonary system and improve treatment for unstable airways (sleep Apnea - CPAP/BIPAP) (Philips corp. Medtronic ).


Because of training programs he helped develop, and input from field rescuers, Gene helped in the creation of the PtL® Airway in 1981. He was later involved in developing the Seal Easy and Bag Easy products in the late 80's and early 90's. In the early 1970’s, he worked with the Michigan Heart Association as Chairman of the CPR committee.