SpiritMD MDI Training Kit:

Safe and Effective Practice Inhalers for EMTs and Clinical Professionals



The SpiritMD MDI Training Kit is a complete set of practice inhalers that are safe and effective for training EMTs and clinical professionals on how to use metered dose inhalers (MDIs).  These practice inhalers are necessary to complete a NHTS EMT-basic refresher course.

Our kit includes MDI placebo canisters filled with propellant only, no medication or saline, and disposable actuators. The canisters are reusable and contain approximately 200 metered doses.


What is MDI?

Metered dose inhalers (MDIs) are hand-held devices that utilize propellants which are pressurized to deliver doses of medication to a patient's lungs. Extremely useful and critically important to public health, these delivery devices are designed to administer a variety of active ingredients for a range of medical conditions.


Correct Usage of Metered Dose Inhalers

Using MDI correctly means a responder can provide treatment for a patient in respiratory distress. Correct facilitation means the medication being administered has a better chance to reach the small airways, which increases the medication's effectiveness. Using a good technique can also help reduce the side effects of medications. The MDI Training Kit is a key tool for education as it provides the high-quality simulation inhalers for medical providers to practice with.


Recent studies show the importance of training people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease on the proper usage of metered dose inhalers. Training resulted in nearly 85% of the trained using their devices correctly 3 months after training while none of the control group did.


Complete MDI Package

MDI placebo canisters and disposable actuators are available in training kits and individual quantities


Placebo canisters are filled with propellant only, no medication or saline and are safe for human use.  Trainees can practice administration on themselves and others safely with these simulation inhalers. View the Safety Data Sheet for more information.


Each canister contains approx. 200 metered doses. One disposable actuator is provided per trainee. The MDI placebo canisters are reusable.



  • Safe and effective for human use
  • Reusable canisters
  • Approximately 200 metered doses per canister
  • Disposable actuators
  • Free shipping via priority mail
  • Manufactured in the United States


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